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Radix Lens

A wipeable retro-reflective lens for use with optical measurement applications.

Smooth Plastic Lens Surface Naturally Sheds Contaminates

The Radix™ Lens is a retro-reflective lens that can be attached to OEM surgical instruments for use with the Polaris Vega® optical measurement solution to pinpoint instrument positions. The Radix Lens features a smooth plastic surface that makes it highly impervious to liquid and particulate contamination; it naturally sheds liquid. If the lens does become contaminated during the procedure, it does not need to be replaced – just wipe it clean to resume tracking. These properties make the Radix Lens a good alternative to passive marker spheres.

Resistant to Partial Occlusions

As a benefit of its form factor, the Radix Lens is inherently resistant to partial occlusions. An occlusion that partially covers one side of the lens will be reflected on the opposite side. Due to the resulting symmetrical occlusion, the marker centroid is still visible and accurate. The Radix Lens has a viewing angle of ±70°, which ensures it readily “seen” (detected) by the Polaris® optical tracker within the measurement volume.

Reduced Marker Interference

The Radix Lens alleviates possible marker-to-marker interference on OEM surgical instruments by way of its low marker profile. Radix Lenses and passive marker spheres can be used on separate tools during the same procedure, within the same measurement volume. However, these different marker types can’t be used together on a single tool due to their different reflective intensities.

For example, Radix Lenses could be attached to the base of an OEM surgical robotic to track its relative position, while passive marker spheres are attached to the OEM surgical instruments.* The two marker types are used simultaneously, but separately. The Radix Lens requires custom tool integration. It must be incorporated into a mounting base before it can be attached to the instrument (or tracked object).

Optically tracked tool with skull

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Legal Disclaimer
NDI tracking and measurement products are general metrology components that can be integrated into customer products, research experiments, and/or as components of medical devices that require precision measurement and tracking. While NDI components and technology can be integrated into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) medical devices, they are not specifically intended for a given application and, as such, have not been developed or manufactured in accordance with medical device standards. It remains the responsibility of the OEM customer or end-user to determine and test the suitability of NDI components and technology for their intended use, including performing any required ethics approval, verification, and validation required to demonstrate suitability and compliance. System-level testing, certification, and validation are the responsibility of the original equipment manufacturer or the applicable end-user and should be completed prior to the use of NDI products or technologies in any application.

*The Radix Lens is not a medical device; its suitability, testing, certification, and validation in a particular application must be determined and completed by the OEM medical device customer or end user prior to use.