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NDI Passive Sphere

A single-use, sterile 11.5 mm passive marker sphere that is compatible with OEM surgical instruments with snap-fit mounting posts.

The Industry’s Original—and World’s Leading—Passive Marker Sphere

Originally developed by NDI for use with the Polaris optical tracking system, single-use NDI Passive Spheres are the passive sphere for IGS systems. NDI Passive Spheres are compatible with most Image-Guided Surgery (IGS) systems available today and mount to standard snap-on posts.

Procedure Trays

Procedure Matched Quantities
Procedure Trays contain the exact number of spheres required in the most common IGS procedures and eliminate the need to open multiple packages for one procedure. Ordering and inventory management are vastly simplified by ordering one package for one procedure.

Deep Seated Spheres with Protective Lid

Reduces the risk of spheres being dropped or popping out of the package when opened.

‘Serving Tray’ Handling

Spheres are easily picked out of trays – no dumping required. Less handling reduces potential reflective coating damage.

Space Optimization

Procedure Trays use considerably less supply room or automated vending machine storage space than other spheres packaging. Audible click ensures secure attachment to a snap-on mounting post.

Package Options

Procedure Trays

Part NumberSpheres Per TrayTrays Per BoxTotal
8800965 9 Spheres-in-Tray2 trays per box18 spheres
880132010 Spheres-in-Tray2 trays per box20 spheres
8800967 12 Spheres-in-Tray 2 trays per box24 spheres
8800966 15 Spheres-in-Tray 2 trays per box30 spheres


Part NumberSpheres Per TrayTrays Per BoxTotal
88010025 Spheres-in-Tray12 trays per box60 spheres
8801053 3 Spheres-in-Tray12 trays per box36 spheres
88009674 Spheres-in-Tray 12 trays per box48 spheres


Part NumberSpheres Per PouchPouches Per BoxTotal
88007371 Sphere-in-Pouch5 pouches per box5 spheres
88007383 Spheres-in-Pouch5 pouches per box15 spheres
88007394 Spheres-in-Pouch5 pouches per box20 spheres

Email to Order

Email to order NDI Passive Spheres for image-guided surgery systems:

Asia Pacific:

Fax to Order

Fax to order NDI Passive Spheres for image-guided surgery systems:

Americas: +1 (519) 884 5184
Europe: +49 (77 32) 82 34-199
Asia Pacific: + (852) 2802 0060

Call for Info

Call for information on ordering NDI Passive Spheres for image-guided surgery systems:

Americas: +1 (519) 884 5142 Ext.544
Europe: + 49 (77 32) 82 34 123 Asia
Pacific: + (852) 2802 2205

Vendor Information

The following includes some common purchasing information:

Terms and Conditions

NDI Banking Information

US Dollars:
Royal Bank of Canada
200 Bay St – Main Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2J5

Transit: 00002
Inst. Id: 003
Account #: 4064168
Swift Code: ROYCCAT2
ABA #: 021000021

Shipping and Billing

An invoice will be mailed to you from NDI Headquarters (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).

Shipping Locations
Spheres will ship from a distribution center in New York, USA.

Remit To Address:
NDI International Headquarters
103 Randall Drive
Ontario, Canada
N2V 1C5

More Information

If you require any further information, please contact our Sales Support Representatives at +1 (519) 884 5142 Ext. 544 or